Fach Aufgabe(n)
Neuer Stundenplan ab dem 26.05.Q1
Deutsch-LK 16.03.-22.03.: Lest “Die Marquise von O” (Heinrich von Kleist) – erstellt eine Handlungsübersicht und ein Personenverzeichnis!  

23.03.-29.03.: Die Marquise von O

20.04.-26.04.: Charakterisierung der Marquise

27.04.-03.05.: Marquise

04.05.-10.05.: Die drei psychischen Instanzen, Aufgabe
Mathe-LK 16.03.-22.03.: Aufgaben MEIS/REPP/WACK

23.03.-29.03.: Hinweise MEIS, Vektorrechnung 1, Vektorrechnung 2, Vektorrechnung 3  

30.03.-03.04.: AB 1, AB 2, AB 3

20.04.-26.04.: AB 1, AB 2, Lösungen

27.04.-03.05.: Lagebeziehungen von Geraden und Ebenen

04.05.-10.05.: Aufgaben und Hinweise ,AB 1, AB 2
Englisch-LK 16.03.-22.03: Continue working on Obama’s “Globalization – the state of affairs” speech. Analyse Obama’s view and the means he uses to convince the audience of it. Hand in on your analysis via email by the 23rd of March. (mars@ge-kreuztal.de)

23.03.-29.03: Read the following comment – “The truth is that Trump has a point about globalisation”. After havening read the article write a letter to the editor (inform yourselves about the structure of that specific type of letter) and say what you think about Mr Elliot’s opinion and how you personally position yourselves in the minefield between globalisation and nation state. Hand in on your letter to the editor via email by the 30th of March. (mars@ge-kreuztal.de)

30.03.-03.04.: Great events are often foreshadowed – after having completed globalization we will move on to a new topic. You had to do a lot of writing in the last couple of weeks – now it’s time to read. Order the following novel:
“The Hunger Games”
Klett Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-12-578153-5

It has to be the edition mentioned above. Your task is to read this novel and have it finished by the end of the Easter holidays. Tomorrow (1st of April) you will be given some more detailed tasks concering the novel. 

01.04: The Hunger Games

20.04.-26.04.: a) Watch the official movie trailer. Write down topics, themes, motifs, people and places that you recognize from the book.

b) Arrange the differents concepts and explain how they belong together. Use the language support (AB 1, AB 2) Hand in on your arrangement of concepts and the expalnation for it via email by the 26th of April. (mars@ge-kreuztal.de)

c) Do the Panem quiz.

27.04.-03.05.: a) Create a character map of all the major characters. Put Katniss in the middle and use arrows to indicate the relationship between Katniss and all the other characters. Write down key words to describe the relationships.

b) Fill in Katniss’s Facebook profile and take special care of the current status.

c) Out of this list – pick ten adjectives that in your opinion describe Katniss best and and explain why by using concrete examples from the text!

d) Write an elfin about Katniss.

Hand in your tasks via email by May 3rd. (mars@ge-kreuztal.de)

At the end of the Hunger Games, the local newspaper decides to publish a brief portrait describing the winner Katniss Everdeen. Write this portrait by following the instructions on the worksheet “How to write a characterization“. Make also use of the wordlist and get some inspiration from the sample solution. Hand in your tasks via email by May 10th.

12.05.( Task for E LK-G1, 13th of May):

Look at the following pages of “The Hunger Games”:
16-22, 31f., 36f., 85, 117f and 127f.

Then collect relevant information about Peeta and Gale and fill out the fact file.

Afterwards, imagine you were Katniss and had to make a choice between Peeta and Gale – write down five identical questions you’d like to ask them that could help you with your decision.

08.06.: Panem et circenses – hand in your notes on the given exercises via email by June 14th. (mars@ge-kreuztal.de)
Biologie-LK 16.03.-03.04.: Ihr habt eure Aufgaben bereits durch Herrn Hirschmann erhalten.


Themenheft S. 38 – 51 durcharbeiten und schriftliche Notizen machen.

Besonders wichtig: Lotta-Volterra-Regeln und ökologische Nische bzw. Nischenerschließung.

TH S. 52/53 Nr. 1,3,5 und 6 schriftlich lösen.
Pädagogik-LK 16.03.-22.03.: Hurrelmann

23.03.-29.03.: Belastungsbewältigung , Jugendkrisen 1, Jugendkrisen 2, Entwicklungsaufgaben, Maxime 5 

30.03.-03.04.: Die Bedeutung des Spiels nach Schäfer

20.04.-26.04.: Gewalt

Vertiefung des Themas – Aggression bei Jugendlichen

04.05.-10.05.: Erklärung von Gewalt